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Nationwide, individuals are filing a lawsuit against Bayer and Monsanto for failure to warn about the possibility of developing cancer after using Roundup weed killer. Bayer bought agricultural giant Monsanto, the creator of Roundup, in 2016. The World Health Organization has labeled Roundup weed killer as probably carcinogenic, and consumers in frequent contact with the product are put at a higher risk of developing cancers, including non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

What is Roundup and why is it dangerous?

Roundup has been labeled and sold as an all-purpose weed killer. It is the most commonly used herbicide. Its key ingredient is glyphosate, which has been accused of causing cancer.

Roundup has been around for a long-time. Why hasn’t anything been done until now?

Despite allegations that Monsanto knew glyphosate is associated with cancer three decades ago, Bayer and Monsanto have denied that glyphosate is carcinogenic or dangerous to users.

However, recent studies have found links between Roundup and cancer diagnoses, igniting new concerns. Documents now show that Monsanto falsified data, colluded with the EPA, and went to various other lengths to make sure the general public remained misinformed of the dangers.

Recently, individuals have successfully argued that Monsanto should have warned customers about the potential risks. In August 2018, a California jury found Monsanto liable and ordered payment of $289 million in damages.

Who is at risk?

Anyone who frequently uses the Roundup weed killer could be at risk, including farmers, farm workers, landscapers, and gardeners. Common symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, swollen abdomen, frequent nausea or diarrhea, and feeling consistently weak. If you experience these or other symptoms and have reason to be concerned, see your doctor right away.

How can the Hirsch Law Firm help?

If you or a loved one had been diagnosed with cancer, especially Leukemia or non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, after frequent and repeated use of Roundup, you may qualify for a claim. Filing a claim can not only help provide you with compensation for medical costs, pain, suffering, and other injuries, but it will also help hold companies like Bayer responsible for the repercussions of selling dangerous products so others can avoid harm in the future. Contact the Hirsch Law Firm to review your case.